Traveling to southern Oregon / northern California this week for a family wedding. Planning on driving up to Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument on our free day Thursday. Anyone been and have any travel tips? 🗺

Curren and I at the Komets game

We took Curren to his first hockey game last night and saw Fort Wayne play the Penguins’ ECHL affiliate. He was actually pretty intrigued by the game and of course devoured a huge slice of pizza all by himself. ?

Making an extra cup of coffee this morning after staying up late last night shooing a bat out of our bedroom!

Tough week with the old house. The only steam radiator condensate line that went under our basement floor sprung a leak. Repair work around other super old piping caused subsequent leaks. Fortunately, everything is back in order now as temps have dropped below freezing again.

I love our old house and neighborhood (and being close to the center of the city) but this was an expensive week!

Before we left Pennsylvania last summer we did a family photo session in Harrisburg to celebrate my son’s first birthday and commemorate our time in the state. I never got around to posting the photos online so I was excited to see our photographer blogged them this week. Take a look!

It’s February and my Penguins are in second place despite their rough start. Any NHL fans on Maybe we can get the ? emoji added to the Discover section.

Last year, Grid & Arrow built a custom piece of software in Laravel to solve a specific customer’s email delivery problem. Today, we’re launching it to the world hoping to find a few new companies that would benefit from it.

If you’ve been trying to use email marketing platforms to upload a spreadsheet and send an email blast with mixed success, take a look at our landing page.