My mom and brother got their 1st doses of the vaccine today. I have mine scheduled for 11 days from now. The weather this weekend is shaping up to be fantastic. The world is starting to look a little brighter. Grateful.

Does anyone else watch the fireworks in London around 7pm and call it a night? 😅 I thought they did a fantastic job adapting them for the end of 2020.

Photo of myself holding a pillow with the Flash logo on it and my then-fianceé (now-wife) holding a pillow in the shape of the Epstein–Barr virus

RIP Flash. Yes, these were a part of our engagement photos. Unfortunately, infectious viruses will not also be reaching end-of-life at midnight.

Does anyone know of any interesting open-source projects related to COVID-19 looking for contributors (LAMP stack especially)?

Most days parenthood washes waves of self-doubt over me but currently my two-year old is obsessed with the new The Lone Bellow album so I must be doing something right.

Me in October: It’s in the 50s, I’ll put a coat on.

Me in January: It’s in the 30s but it’s barely going to snow today, taking a coat on and off is way too much effort.

Between the bug zapper our neighbors installed, all the lavender and citronella we planted, and the bats living in both our attics the mosquito population in our little corner of Indiana is quite low this summer.

Curren and I at the Komets game

We took Curren to his first hockey game last night and saw Fort Wayne play the Penguins’ ECHL affiliate. He was actually pretty intrigued by the game and of course devoured a huge slice of pizza all by himself. ?