Second up, TBR, at the beginning of 2018 on a cold sunny day in Brooklyn, Alex laid out Book Riot‘s vision for a book recommendation subscription service they were starting where the recs were made individually by the cohort of hardcore reading enthusiasts they have on their team (no AI). I’ve made a commit to TBR’s codebase in 31 of the last 32 months since (the only month I missed was after Nora was born). It’s been fun to watch it gain its footing and grow. I think besides Mogiv, it’s the longest I’ve ever been a part of a piece of software. This summer, after numerous revisions and learning too much about sales tax and deferred revenue, we launched gifting so you can send a set of recs to a friend! They’ll supply the recommendations letter in a digital form so the recipient can go buy the books on their own or they’ve partnered with an independent bookstore in Maine who will mail a box of hardcovers.

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