My son looking at a male lion

It’s been great having the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo open as an activity for the kids again. We’ve been utilizing the members only hours and have felt safe being both outdoors and reasonably distanced from others.

I’ve been thinking about places I used to call home a lot recently. In the age of social distancing, I’ve certainly been missing the rural mountains of Pennsylvania. Grenada hasn’t had a single death from COVID-19. The Times profiled our neighborhood in Brooklyn last weekend and focused on a block I walked down often. It was tough to read.

Most days parenthood washes waves of self-doubt over me but currently my two-year old is obsessed with the new The Lone Bellow album so I must be doing something right.

Me in October: It’s in the 50s, I’ll put a coat on.

Me in January: It’s in the 30s but it’s barely going to snow today, taking a coat on and off is way too much effort.

So many great things happening in Fort Wayne right now! Stefanie and I finally got to tour the Electric Works campus yesterday. We can’t wait to see this come to life over the next few years just 2 miles from our house.

Inside one of the buildings
Faded signage on building exterior

Not Making Excuses vs Accepting Limitations

This week I’ve had to say “no” to a lot of opportunities I would’ve liked to say “yes” to.

I’ve found myself feeling a sense of guilt both because I feel like I’m letting people down and I’m not able to do as much in a week as others around me seem to do.

Our work culture tells us not be a person who makes excuses but accepting the limitations of life’s seasons is healthy. This is what my seasons of life life is right now:

  • My wife is at work or on call 84 hours per week.
  • I have a two-year old and a baby on the way.
  • My nearest family member lives two states away.

Instead of feeling guilty, I’m trying to focus on this:

  • I am a quality developer and demand for my services is higher than their supply. This is a good thing and a testament to the quality of work I do.
  • I get to spend a lot of quality time with my son every week and experience his joy as he discovers more and more about his world.
  • I am supporting someone I love as they launch a new phase of their career.

Between the bug zapper our neighbors installed, all the lavender and citronella we planted, and the bats living in both our attics the mosquito population in our little corner of Indiana is quite low this summer.

My parents are in town this weekend so we’ve got a weekend of Fort Wayne planned — the zoo, the farmer’s market and a Tincaps game with fireworks!

Made my 2,000th check in on Foursquare / Swarm this weekend. I don’t use the social aspect much, I just love having a log of all the amazing places I’ve been over the last 8 years.