Tough week with the old house. The only steam radiator condensate line that went under our basement floor sprung a leak. Repair work around other super old piping caused subsequent leaks. Fortunately, everything is back in order now as temps have dropped below freezing again.

I love our old house and neighborhood (and being close to the center of the city) but this was an expensive week!

Quote from Company of One 📚

If you have an idea for starting a business that requires a lot of money, time, or resources, you’re mostly likely thinking too big. Your idea can be scaled down to the basics – do it now, do it on the cheap, and do it quickly – and then iterated upon. Start without automation or infrastructure or overhead. Start by helping one customer. Then another. This puts your focus on helping people immediately with what you’ve got available to you right now. Work on things like sales funnels and automation when it no longer makes sense to personalize your interactions with customers in surprising and delightful ways.

– Paul Jarvis, Company of One (pg. 22)