Great weekend in NW Philly celebrating everything Mt Airy Saturday night and the installation of our new pastor at our church on Sunday!

My wife and I dressed up for the gala
Our pastor speaking from the pulpit with stained glass in the background

Happy Philaversary to us. There were several moments last year when I thought we were insane for moving back to the beltway with three kids and two dogs in tow but it has absolutely been the best thing for our family.

Started using’s ability to participate in Mastodon today after talking to some people about it at breakfast and I have to say I’m impressed with how seamlessly it’s been working so far.

We finally went for it and bought bikes. With my parents in town for the weekend to help with the kids, we took every chance we could to go ride the Fort Wayne Trails. Sore today, I need to build more endurance. 🚲

Bike parked on the side of a paved trail on a sunny day

We had our first complete week of dry warm weather in Indiana. A little early this year! We did a pretty good job keeping up with walking our oldest to / from school during the winter but it’s been so great to start / end every day with a walk this week.