We finally went for it and bought bikes. With my parents in town for the weekend to help with the kids, we took every chance we could to go ride the Fort Wayne Trails. Sore today, I need to build more endurance. 🚲

Bike parked on the side of a paved trail on a sunny day

My toddler sitting in the front seat of a jeep with my infant in his stroller in front of it

Not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with posting a photo a day in May, but here’s an impromptu one from a cloudy walk I took my oldest and youngest on yesterday at the zoo.

Cabinets with machines in laundry room

We made the switch to a ventless dryer when we redid our laundry room last year. I now get what the Europeans see in them. It works great and saved the hassle / expense of drilling a vent out of our old brick siding.

My wife did an amazing job with the wallpaper here too!